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Toilet | All Purpose Scrub

Toilet | All Purpose Scrub

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Simple Ingredients | Powerful Clean

Use on messes on hard and soft surfaces alike. This may be our most versatile product. This 24oz bag of scrub packs a mega punch around the house, garage, patio, shop, and more! Don't forget to grab a clipping scoop and an extra long-handled multi-purpose brush to optimize your experience. 

INGREDIENTS: Sodium borate, sodium bicarbonate, sodium percarbonate, sodium carbonate, kosher salt, citric acid, our solid bar soap

We recommend doing a spot check on delicate fabrics and surfaces.

1) Sprinkle directly on dampened, greasy, soiled/dirtied surfaces - alternatively -

Mix with warm water into a paste or slurry.

2) Apply with a brush or sponge. 3) scrub 4) rinse

Repeat if necessary.

Proudly made in Vermont, USA

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