Frequently Asked Questions

Can These Products Be Used On All Surfaces? 

The answer to that question is mostly yes with a little "*" According to the internet, it is not recommended to use products containing essential oils on marble surfaces. There is approximately 1/16 of a teaspoon in each bottle of our Kitchen | Bath Surface Cleaner which translates to almost nothing per spritz but we in no way want to encourage you to do anything that might damage something as beautiful as your natural stone surfaces so please contact the manufacturer of your countertops for their recommendations.

How Do I Avoid Streaks And Fog On My Glass And Mirrors?

I love answering this question! Use a lint-free, cotton, washable tea towel (soon to be available in our store but also widely available wherever linens are sold) that has been laundered without fabric softener (read more of my thoughts on traditional fabric softener below). Spray your glass | mirror rag or surface and wipe in circular motions until dry. If there are areas of "fog" or streakiness buff them out with tighter circles and watch that surface shine!
Okay, So What Is The Deal With Fabric Softener?
One: artificial scents are really, really bad for our lungs, brains, and skin. Two: the liquid fabric softener varieties are mostly water, why pay for water? Three: dryer sheets are wasteful additions to landfills.
To avoid static on your clothes, use wool dryer balls. To add a clean fresh, safe scent sprinkle a few drops of your favorite 100% therapeutic grade essential oils onto the balls before tossing it all into the dryer.
Alternatively, get one of those reusable Downy balls. For each wash, fill up to the line with distilled white vinegar or better yet, our Glass | Mirror cleaner! I know, shocking but it works incredibly well and smells delightful! Both options not only soften your clothes and remove static but also help reduce odors, and break down built-up residue on clothes.
Can The Laundry Soap Be Used In All Cycles And Machines?
Yes. Use it in hot, warm, and cold cycles. Normal and Permanent Press. Colors and whites. Top loaders. Front-loaders. Home machines and laundromats. Any and all combinations. You name the situation, I've probably cleaned in it. Our laundry soap will get out even your toughest stains. Don't pay for water or waste tens of plastic jugs per year.
*NOTE: We've now made our laundry soap even better! We have improved the grit and texture through a new milling process. This will help make cool temperature loads and HE machines work more efficiently. Our products won't harm your skin, clothes, or surfaces.
The trick is to use the recommended amount (1 Tablespoon).
Is There Any Thing Else We Should Know?
I love these products. To me, this has been a real labor of love. My friends and family love them and I hope you do too.
Let's work together to help reduce our impact on the environment and on our bodies by choosing more natural, lovingly produced products.
Thank you, and many blessings to you and yours!
Holly Bertram